Escort Myths and Misconceptions

The escort industry is one in which many incorrect assumptions are made, based on rumours that are circulated by those not in the know. One of the greatest myths is that, having paid for the services of an independent escort, a client is entitled to expect her to perform any act he desires. Another misconception is that it is acceptable for the client to ask questions about the home, love and sex lives of private girls. And many other similar errors are commonly made. In fact, the etiquette that should be used with an escort is fairly simple – common courtesy and mutual respect will ensure that you have a great night once you’ve made an appointment.

Firstly, respect the escort’s privacy. Being an escort is her job, and doing her job well is all you should expect from her. It is not appropriate to ask for photos of her face (or anything else) before meeting her, if those photos are not already publicly available. It’s also poor form to ask her about her life outside of her job, such as whether or not she has a partner, how much she earns, or whether the name she goes by professionally is her real name.

Secondly, treat escorts with common decency. That means being on time, being sober, having good personal hygiene and not inviting a gaggle of your friends to come along to ogle her. If for some reason you need to cancel, let her know as soon as possible so that she doesn’t lose earnings from an appointment that doesn’t show up. A private girls couple of drinks beforehand is fine, but it is almost guaranteed that if you turn up obviously drunk, your gorgeous escort will cancel. Likewise if you fail to shower or show up with fetid breath. Private escorts expect their clients to treat the appointment as they would a date, albeit a professional one. Unless you have prearranged and booked a gang-bang, having several of your best mates along for the ride (so to speak) will also result in certain and abrupt cancellation by the escort.

Lastly, when paying for professional escorts and expecting them to behave in a professional manner. You should do the same, especially with regards to pricing, available services and health standards. Haggling over rates is insulting. If a private girl doesn’t specifically mention on her website that her rates are negotiable, don’t even ask. The same can be said of services – don’t ask an escort to perform a service that she has already clearly stated is not on offer. This nagging shows a lack of respect for her professional boundaries. This is never more true than in asking her to go without a condom. You would be surprised how many times private girls are asked to go without one. This not only makes the client look foolish, it also makes him foolhardy, as it’s not only insulting but also completely unsafe.

Remembering common decency and treating an escort as the professional she is are all that is needed for both the client and the girl to enjoy their appointment.