Anniversary Gifts

Silver (25th) Anniversary GiftsSpending 25 years married - and in love - with one person is definitely reason to celebrate! Silver is the anniversary gift for this year, both in the traditional and modern realms. It makes sense, then, that you should give silver for this occasion, but there are many ways you can give a "silver" gift:

• Silver jewelry

• Silver cuff links

• Silver paperweight

• Silver photo frame

• Silver key ring

• Plan a trip to Silver Springs (in Maryland or Florida), to Silverstrand Beach (in California or Ireland), Silver Plume, CO, or Silver City, NM.

• Wrap any gift with silver ribbon. As long as it's from the heart, it's a perfect choice! can help with that.

Golden (50th)Anniversary GiftsStaying happily married for half a century deserves a grand celebration, Gold is the traditional choice for gifts, but gold is not your only option. There are many gifts you can make "golden," simply using your imagination:

• Gold jewelry

• Personalized anniversary poem framed in gold

• Photo from time of engagement, enlarged and framed in gold

• Family portrait, framed in gold

• Request that a greeting from the White House be sent to the anniversary couple

• 50th anniversaries are also a good time to treat parents or grandparents to a cruise.


Diamond (60th) Anniversary GiftsThe word "diamond" comes from a Greek word which means unconquerable and enduring, which are the very same words that can be used to describe a marriage that has endured 60 years. While diamonds are the traditional gift (and really, who doesn't like diamonds), you do have other options when it comes to giving a 60th anniversary gift:

• Jewelry (rings, necklace, cuff links)

• Matching diamond watches

• Have their portrait painted

• Create a video montage of photos of family and friends from over the past 60 years

• A trip to someplace they've always wanted to visit.

No matter which anniversary it is, or what gift you choose to give, it will be well received if you put a little thought and a lot of heart into choosing it.