filming stunning promotional videos to using thermal cameras

We are commercial drone operators who specialise in adapting the emerging UAV technology to meet up an extensive a different set of client needs. From filming stunning promotional videos to using thermal cameras to inspect buildings we are able to do it all and everything in between. We are experts in using Drone Inspection uk to map and survey land and have launched Europe's first'Aerial Map Market '. With this particular service a person who needs up-to-date aerial mapping products can simply draw the location they needs and then one of our qualified expert pilots captures the data. The maps we produce are up to 25 times higher resolution then the most truly effective commercially available satellite images.

We also use our drones as'access platforms'allowing our customers to see things at height that they would haven't been able to accomplish economically themselves. Inspecting roofs, elevations of buildings, towers and chimneys, it Drone Inspection uk is often much easier to truly have a Land Mapping uk complete the inspection and reduce risk to our clients'personnel.

We're fully qualified and insured (£10m public liability) and hold our automated flying, night flying, 0-7kg and 7-20kg licenses meaning we are able to fly most situations anywhere at any time of the day.

Finally, we've a wholesome research and development department so we are able to tailor specific platforms to generally meet our customer's needs.